Other activities

NEW- Propeller plane: Fly with us and see Senegal from the air. Strong experiences guaranteed!

150 EUR for 30 minutes

Jet Ski: Enjoy the adrenaline rush with us on a jet ski and ride on the open Atlantic Ocean.

40 EUR for 20 minutes

Laguna Somone: See the local lagoon on a boat or horse-drawn carriage. La Somone boasts one point of interest. The river of the same name flows through the city, which flows into the sea here. Thanks to the river, you will find a unique lagoon, which became a "Réserve Naturelle de La Somone" nature reserve in 1999. Birds live here (African pelican, great-billed tern, flamingo or crested tern). It covers an area of almost 700 hectares.

10 EUR

Quad bike trip: A three-hour trip on quad bikes. Do you like adrenaline? Try the local one ....

80 EUR

Taste the crawfish: Have crawfish in the local village and experience an extraordinary evening. The price is per meal, drinks not included.

40 EUR

Brousse party: Attend a traditional evening party in Brousse. You will dance to the beat of local drums in traditional Senegalese clothing

40 EUR