Half-day trips

Bandia Reserve:  Visit a mini safari in the heart of the Sahel. Its 2,000 hectares allow you to take a closer look at wildlife: birds, monkeys, gazelles, giraffes, ostriches, antelopes, rhinos, giant turtles, zebras, hyenas and crocodiles.

40 EUR

Bandia Reservation and a ride among lions: You can complete your visit to the Bandia Reservation with an adrenaline experience - a ride among adult lions. After visiting the reservation, you will move to a nearby place, where you will get in a barred car and the lions will come to see you really closely :-)

90 EUR

M'bour: M'bour used to be a small fishing port that quickly expanded into a city of more than 160,000 inhabitants. M'bour is now one of the largest fishing ports in Senegal. There is a large fish market to see, which will remain hidden from most tourists.

20 EUR

Boat to the fish market: Combine a visit to the huge fish market in Mbour with a motor boat ride. With us, you can have two great experiences in one morning.

40 EUR

Visit a village and school: Visit the local village and school and see how the new generation is brought up and how ordinary people live. Only a local guide can convey and show you this unique experience. People will welcome you here, but as guests we don't like to come empty-handed. Sweets for children are very welcome and it is also possible to buy rice before the trip, which is distributed among local families.

20 EUR

The largest baobab and Mussel Island: A trip to the biggest baobab and to the island of Fadiouth will delight everyone. The whole island is made of shells and every step here is accompanied by a small crunch. Although Senegal is a predominantly Muslim country, the island is home to a large Christian community. The local people rely on their tolerance and the smooth coexistence of people of different religions. The cemetery on the island, which is common to both Muslims and Christians, is also a proof.

35 EUR

Exotic park: The small zoo houses a variety of birds and parrots from around the world. You can also see turtles or crocodiles here.

30 EUR

Sea fishing: Are you a fan of fishing and would you like to try the daily bread of many Senegalese men? We offer you an authentic experience. Half day fishing in the open sea with a local fisherman. You don't need any equipment - everything is provided. What are you going to do with your catch? You can leave it to the locals or arrange with the hotel employees to prepare it for you :-)

50 EUR

Dakar: The capital of Senegal is located on the Cap-Vert peninsula on the west coast of Africa. It has approximately 3 million inhabitants and is the cultural, political and economic center of the country. Here you will find government palaces, poor neighborhoods, universities and classic markets, beautiful mosques, and even a cathedral. Come with us to see the 49-meter-high African Renaissance Monument, Mosque of the Divinity, but also the classic market.

45 EUR

Prices of trips for children: children under 3 years free, children 3-7 years 50% discount