Our story

During our travels around the world, our journeys met and intersected in Africa. In Senegal, on the west coast of Africa, we have independently discovered a beautiful and safe country known as the Land of Teranga. This word in the local language means hospitality, but it is not "just" hospitality. It is a way of life for local people that includes generosity, hospitality and sharing with everyone around. Teranga emphasizes the generosity of the spirit and the sharing of material things in all encounters — even with strangers. Everyone is safe and welcome, regardless of nationality, religion or language.

Acceptance from locals and new friendships first gave rise to a Facebook page for those who fell in love with Senegal or were interested in it and would like to discover it. However, since Africa is an unexplored and sometimes a bit feared exotic continent  for most Europeans, we decided to help you with visiting and getting to know this country in other ways as well. Babou - a local guide who has been accompanying tourists for many years - lives and works in Senegal. He speaks several languages, so even without knowledge of foreign languages, you do not have to worry and you can entrust yourself to his care. Lucie will discuss your holiday ideas, advice, tips and recommendations with you. And in cooperation with Babou, they will also plan your vacation exactly according to your ideas. And before your dream trip takes place, you can get inspired and tune in to the Facebook pages that Blanka takes care of for you.



Babou is a guide who lives and works in Somone, in the most beautiful part of Senegal, known as the Little Coast, where you will find the most beautiful beaches and nature reserves. He speaks French, English, Czech, a little Dutch and also five local languages. He will pick you up at the hotel, show you the beautiful nature, the life of the local people or take you to a good meal.


Lucie lives and works in Liberec. She loves to travel and fell in love with Africa a few years ago. She would like to show you a different face of Africa than the one that is commonly portrayed in our media. Africa is very diverse, colorful, with beautiful nature and friendly and nice people. According to her, Senegal is a great start - the country is completely safe for holidays and for women or families with children, with great weather, people, nature parks .... If you are interested in a holiday offer or any information, she will be happy to take care of you.


Blanka lives and works in Pilsen. She loves her dog, boyfriend, trips and Senegal. After her first visit to Senegal in 2019, she founded the Facebook page Po stopách Senegalu, where people who visited or are interested in Senegal began to meet. It is full of photos from trips with Babou Tour, but also various attractions or photos from everyday life in Senegal. A community of people and many new friendships gradually developed around this facebook site. If you are interested in Senegal or West Africa, be sure to visit facebook Po stopách Senegalu.