Day trips

Dakar and Gorée Island:  Discover the capital of Senegal. After a tour of the city, we will move to the nearby island of Gorée, where we will visit the famous House of Slaves, a museum and walk around the island. During this trip you can look into the past and present of Senegal, relax on a boat and walk on a magical island, which is thanks to its rich history inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

45 EUR

Pink Lake: Walk around the lake, swim in the unique Pink Lake and visit the local village. Experience the local form of the Dead Sea and lie on the surface of Pink Lake. The trip also includes a ride in an off-road vehicle on a part of the Paris-Dakar rally route, ending with a walk and a photo shoot in the sand dunes.

43 EUR

Gorée and Pink Lake: The main thing can be achieved in one day. Stroll through Gorée Island to visit the House of Slaves and learn about history. For example, do you know how much a male slave had to weigh? Or what happened when a young girl got pregnant with a slave? Due to its rich history, this island, only 2 km from Dakar, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After visiting the island, you will move to try out dune rallies and bathe in the waters of Pink Lake, where the final stage of the Paris-Dakar Rally originally ended.

60 EUR

Saloum Island, Mussel Island, a visit to the village and the school:  First you will visit one of the classic Senegalese villages and see how people live. You can also visit a local school. In the village you will be accepted as guests and as guests we do not like to go empty-handed. You will therefore have the opportunity to buy a bag of rice or at least sweets for children before. After visiting the village, you will go to Saloum Island, get on a boat and see the Saloum Delta with its mangroves, where many birds live. On the way to Mussel Island you will visit a majestic tree, which is a symbol of Senegal - the largest baobab. After a good lunch, you will go to Fadiouth Island, which is made up of mussels. Although Senegal is a predominantly Muslim country, the island is home to a big Christian community. The local people, like other Senegalese people, are proud of their tolerance and the smooth coexistence of people of different religions. You will experience an unforgettable day and see places that remain hidden from most tourists.

55 EUR

Saint Louis: The former capital of Senegal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not to be missed. Be enchanted by the city center, the legendary Faidherb Bridge or the absolutely unique architecture.

90 EUR

Lompoul Desert: One and a half day trip to the Loumpoul desert with sand dunes reminiscent of the Sahara or Mauritania. Experience a romantic sunset and sunrise over the dunes.

120 EUR

 Fathala Reserve: The reserve is located on the border with The Gambia and is one of 5 places in the world where you can experience a walk with adult lions. You can also see zebras, giraffes, savannah pigs, antelopes, rhinos, red guareza, vertebrates and many species of birds ... Fathala is an area that consists of approximately 6,000 hectares of native and protected forest and provides tourists with the opportunity to visit a piece of African wilderness in original condition. However, the biggest attraction of the park is the exciting walk with lions. Under the supervision of experienced breeders you will have the opportunity to take unique photos.

150 EUR

Touba and the Great Mosque: Join us as we explore Senegal's second largest city. Touba is an inland city with a population of over 500,000 people. It is a bustling market town, but it is also a holy and pilgrimage site for many local Muslims. The Great Mosque, completed in 1963, is located in the city center and is one of the largest mosques in Africa, seating 7,000 people.