What does the food bank mean?

The food bank works like a real bank. With one difference - it is interest-free. If you are in need and you and your family are hungry, you can borrow food from the food bank. But after the next harvest, you have to return the same amount. The food bank is not a charity, we do not teach anyone to stand with their hands outstretched and wait for donations. We only help people overcome difficult times when their families are in danger of starvation. Nothing more, nothing less.
This project was invented and founded a few years ago by Babou for the people of his village Diagle. This village is in the agricultural interior of Senegal and people live here from what they grow. Millet and peanuts are mainly grown here. People depend on the weather, on the size of the harvest and also on how much money they manage to sell part of the harvest for. If food and money is not enough for them to the next harvest  - they are simply hungry. There is no state aid system or anything like that. Therefore, the food bank system is recognized and respected by local people. No one else can help them in an emergency. This food bank is helping them overcome a difficult period without hunger, but at the same time it still wants them to work actively on their future and on their families' livelihoods.
This project has been running for five years and other villages are interested in expanding it. Unfortunately, this is not yet in our power. Currently, about 25 families from the village of Diagle are involved in the project. And the term family in Africa means the extended family - an average of about 12 people. In total, we currently help approximately 300 people who may not be hungry thanks to the food bank. We hope that this number will grow every year.
If you are interested in our project and would like to know more about it, or support it, you can write to our e-mail: info@baboutour.cz or on Babou's  WhatsApp 00 221 768 335 440