Frequently Asked Questions

How can I arrange trips with you? How do the trips work and how are they paid? What is included in the price of the trips?

The trips have no fixed schedule. We offer so many trips that we would not be able to do them all in one week. That's why there is always an informational and organizational meeting in front of the Royal Horizons Baobab Hotel in Somone on Saturday mornings, where trips for the following week are arranged - according to the interest of specific clients that week. We try to accommodate everyone as much as possible and ensure that they see and experience everything they want in Senegal and that their vacation becomes truly unforgettable.

If you will not be accommodated at the Royal Horizons Baobab Hotel in Somone or the meeting on Saturday does not suit you, let us know by email or on messenger Babou Sylla and we will arrange another way to meet or plan your trips.

Before each trip, Babou will pick you up in front of the hotel and drop you off in front of the hotel again after the trip is over. Trips are paid in cash, in euros, always only after the end of the trip, when we bring you back safely. All day trips include lunch - without drinks. Children under 3 years old have free trips, children 3-7 years old have a 50% discount.

Is Senegal safe? Is it suitable for solo female travel?

Senegal is a safe and still unspoiled country for tourism. It is really safe even for women themselves. No one from the locals will bother you or shout at you. Yes, they will try to offer you goods, but no one will pull your sleeve or otherwise force you. Even children are not used to automatically getting something. The local people are nice, pleasant and hospitable if you make contact with them. But otherwise, people on the street won't notice you much. It is perfectly safe to go for a walk in the village of Somone, you don't have to worry about it.

And each of us can contribute to keeping it that way in the future. Please treat local people with respect. Let's take pictures of them only with their consent, let's not give sweets to children on the street and take them in our arms without permission. We do these things with good intentions, but the locals may not be comfortable, and we encourage children to stereotype that white people have lots of money and pockets full of gifts. At the same time, this behavior teaches them to demand gifts and sweets from other tourists as well. Of course, visiting a village, school and similar opportunities is something else. But we come there as guests, the local people spend their time with us, and therefore it is advisable not to come empty-handed.

Are any vaccinations required? Any special medications?

If you are going to Senegal on a classic holiday - this means that you will be staying in a hotel and going on trips with us, you do not need any special vaccinations. You may read somewhere that a Yellow Fever vaccination is required, but this is not true. Antimalarials are not needed either. We recommend taking a repellent with you to be safe. But hotels regularly spray against mosquitoes and they are not a major problem.

As for medication - take your usual medication, nothing special is needed. Just in case you happen to have traveller's indigestion, you can buy a drug called Apazide at a local Senegalese pharmacy. It works reliably.

What money to take with you? Is it possible to pay by credit card or withdraw money from an ATM?

Be sure to bring euros with you to Senegal rather than dollars. The local Senegalese currency is called the West African Franc, abbreviated as CFA, and is tightly linked to the Euro. It is often possible to pay in euros. If you go to the hotel and go on trips with us, you don't need the local currency at all and you can pay in euros. You would only use the local currency for shopping at the market. Therefore, look around first and possibly exchange for local currency only when you have an idea of how much money you will need. The exchange office in Somone tends to have the best exchange rate, but the exchange rate in the hotel is not bad either - you don't have to worry about exchanging a few euros there.

As for paying by card, don't count on it too much in Senegal. You definitely need to have cash with you. Hotels often have ATMs where you can make withdrawals, but we wouldn't rely entirely on them. Rather, think of them as a backup in case of emergency.