Lompoul Desert

If you are looking for a romantic experience in Senegal, don't miss the Lompoul desert. This small desert covers an area of about 18 km2, is located about 150 km from Dakar, and offers beautiful dunes up to 50 m high that change color according to the time of day. It is a place where desert dunes and green savannas meet, where you can walk on the sand of different colors, from yellow to orange and red, and where you can admire beautiful sunsets.

The Lompoul Desert is also an ideal place for adventure travelers looking for an authentic experience. You can rent a tent and spend the night under the stars, or enjoy a camel ride and explore the surrounding countryside. The tents are very comfortable and are equipped with everything you need, such as a comfortable bed, mosquito net, shower, and toilet. In the desert camp, you will also find excellent chefs who will take very good care of you and you can also try traditional Senegalese cuisine such as thieboudienne (fish with rice and vegetables), yassa (chicken or fish with onions and lemon) or mafé (meat with peanut sauce). The Lompoul desert is an ideal place to relax, disconnect from civilization and experience unforgettable moments.

Want to experience sunrise and sunset in the desert? The magic of the African desert? Come with us to the Lompoul desert.