Pink Lake

The Pink Lake, also known as Lac Retba, is one of the most interesting and beautiful lakes in the world and one of Senegal's most striking natural attractions. This salt lake has an unusual pink color that changes with the season and time of day. The Pink Lake is located on the Cap-Vert Peninsula, about 35 km northeast of the capital Dakar. The lake is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a narrow sandbar that prevents its outflow. The lake has a diameter of about 3 km and a maximum depth of about 3 meters. It was formed about 50,000 years ago when the sea level rose and flooded the low-lying area. The water in the lake gradually evaporated, leaving behind a high concentration of salt. The pink color of the lake is caused by microorganisms that live in the salt water. These microorganisms are called Dunaliella salina and are able to produce carotenoids, orange-red pigments that protect their cells from sunlight. The carotenoids reflect the pink light, which then gives the lake its characteristic hue. The color of the lake changes according to the intensity of sunlight, temperature, humidity, and wind strength. In the dry season, when the water is lower and the salinity is higher, the color is more intense than in the rainy season.

Pink Lake is an important source of income for local residents who are engaged in salt mining. Salt is extracted by hand using wooden shovels and baskets. Workers must use protective products such as buttercreams and oils to protect themselves from the irritating effects of salt on the skin. The salt is then sold on the market or used to preserve fish. Salt mining is demanding and strenuous work, but also a proud tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

The Pink Lake is also a popular tourist attraction, but Senegal is still an undiscovered treasure, so you don't have to worry about the rush of tourists. It is possible to rent a boat and ride on the lake, admire its beautiful shades, and observe the life of the local people. It is also possible to swim in the lake, which has a density comparable to the Dead Sea. The water has healing properties and helps with some skin diseases. The final stage of the Paris Dakar Rally was also previously held on the shores of the lake.

If you are interested in Pink Lake, you can visit it with us. You will ride an all-terrain vehicle in the sand dunes in the footsteps of the Paris Dakar Rally, and then you will try the water of the lake, which is so thick that it will easily keep you afloat - for example, while reading the newspaper :-)