The Little Coast- Petite Côte

The Little Coast, or Petite Côte, is the name for the coastal strip of Senegal that stretches from Dakar to the town of Joal-Fadiouth. It is a popular tourist destination that offers beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque fishing villages, rich fauna and flora, and interesting culture. Local people consider M'bour and Somone, roughly 70km southeast of Dakar, to be the most beautiful.

The small coast is ideal for those looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday in nature. You can enjoy the sun and the sea, walk along the beach, watch birds and fishermen, visit national parks and reserves, or take a boat trip on the Saloum River. If you like a more active holiday, you can try surfing, fishing or golf.

The small coast is also great for learning about local culture and history. You can visit traditional villages such as Toubab Dialaw, Nianing, or Saly Portudal, where you will meet friendly residents and taste their cuisine. You can also discover cultural monuments such as Gorée Island, which was the center of the slave trade, or Fadiouth Island, which is built entirely of seashells.

And where can you find the most beautiful beaches? Choosing the best beach on the Little Coast is difficult because it is an endless chain of beautiful beaches. Here are the best that we choose for you: 

La Somone

The lagoon near the luxury resort of La Somone offers several attractive beaches with soft sand and calm waters, lined with mangroves. A haven of peace in a natural bird reserve!


 The pristine and clean sandy beach of Popenguine is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing. A walk along the beach takes you to the Popenguine Nature Reserve, where you can watch rare birds. Watch out for strong undercurrents when swimming further from shore.

Saly-Portudal beach

The stunning beach of Saly in the resort of M'Bour is a hit in Senegal: a huge stretch of sand, palm trees, restaurants, casinos, a golf course, and space for activities such as windsurfing, jet skiing, or sport fishing. Although the beach is very popular, it is not crowded or noisy.

The small coast of Senegal is a place where the beauty of nature meets the richness of culture. It is the ideal destination for those who want to experience an unforgettable holiday in Africa.

And a practical reminder at the end: The beaches in Senegal, especially near the cities, are public and freely accessible. Expect that they are often used by local people after work for various sports and relaxation activities. So please also follow the dress code of Muslim countries on the beach. Swimsuits and bikinis are fine, but nudism or topless tanning is not.